Astral Electronica for Massive cover art
Astral Electronica
16 presets including powerful modulated basses and morphing leads, designed to create expressive and intricate textures with plenty of modulation and automation options.
  • 8 Basses
  • 5 Leads
  • 2 FX
  • 1 Pad
Experimental Electronica for Massive cover art
Experimental Electronica
11 presets designed for experimental electronica and synthwave, this pack includes vintage inspired leads and powerful basses, providing a unique alternative to many conventional sounds
  • 5 Basses
  • 5 Leads
  • 1 FX
Retro Pop for Massive cover art
Retro Pop
A selection of 10 presets inspired by the analogue synth sounds of retro pop artists of the 2010s, using Massive to approximate the sought after tones of the often vintage styled equipment favoured by this genre.
  • 2 Basses
  • 3 Leads
  • 2 Chords
  • 3 Arps
Plucks for Massive cover art
A variety of pluck sounds ranging from smooth house plucks and stabs, to roomier sounds with plenty of reverb, to some more unusual sounds.
  • 9 Plucks
Synthpop for Massive cover art
A diverse collection of presets taking influences from synthwave, chillwave, synthpop, and similar genres. This pack includes dark pads, analogue arps, bright/airy leads and more.

Developed in collaboration with VOES: soundcloud - twitter
  • 1 Bass
  • 5 Leads
  • 6 Pads
  • 6 Arps