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Modulated Vowel Filter // VST3, AudioUnit

Songbird vowel filter
Quick Tip: Use Songbird's envelope follower for a rhythmic filter effect
Quick Look: Songbird 2.0
Quick Tip: Add motion to pads with Songbird

Songbird is a modulated vowel/formant filter. Select two vowels and then modulate between them using either the manual slider, LFO, or envelope follower.

There are five vowel sounds and two modulation modes available to choose from. The "freq" modulation mode allows you to modulate a single filter between the two vowels chosen, to create a powerful vocal sound. The "blend" mode provides a more subtle effect, modulating the mix between two parallel filters.

Songbird is ideal for creating both vocal bass sounds and subtle filter sweeps.

Install instructions and plugins for all supported platforms are included in the download.

Feature Summary:

  • Manual, LFO, or envelope driven modulation
  • 5 vowels to choose from
  • 4 LFO waveforms
  • Positive or negative envelope modulation
  • Dry/wet mix control

Source code is available at:

Supported Platforms

Below you can find the full list of platforms which are supported by White Elephant Audio plugins. All platforms are contained within a single download.


VST3 64-bit


VST3 64-bit

AudioUnit 64-bit


VST3 64-bit

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