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Multi LFO Amplitude Modulation // VST3, AudioUnit

Richter tremolo
Quick Tip: Apply sidechain compression style modulation with Richter
Quick Tip: Create a shaker from white noise using Richter
Quick Tip: Add panning modulation to reverb buses using Richter

Richter is a twin LFO amplitude modulator, the interaction of which creates more complex volume oscillations than can be created with a single LFO. The rate and depth controls of each LFO can be modulated by two more LFOs to create variations in frequency and depth, with tempo sync and phase control available on all oscillators.

Install instructions and plugins for all supported platforms are included in the download.

Feature Summary:

  • Two amplitude modulation LFOs
  • Two control modulation LFOs
  • Separate rate, depth, wave shape, modulation amount and bypass controls per oscillator
  • Sine, Square, Saw, and SC comp wave shapes, all of which can be inverted or phase shifted
  • Independent tempo sync on all oscillators
  • Stereo processing mode

Source code is available at:

Supported Platforms

Below you can find the full list of platforms which are supported by White Elephant Audio plugins. All platforms are contained within a single download.


VST3 64-bit


VST3 64-bit

AudioUnit 64-bit


VST3 64-bit

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