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Two Stage Distortion // VST3, AudioUnit

Carve distortion
Quick Tip: Add saturation to dull sounds with Carve
Quick Tip: Use Carve to add another layer of distorion to your Fuzz pedals

Carve is a wave shaping distortion with several available waveforms and two distortion units, which can be configured in serial, parallel, or stereo, and then blended with the dry sound.

Each distortion unit offers the same controls: waveform, gain, volume, and tweak. The behaviour of the tweak dial depends on the chosen waveform, and offers a wider range of sounds from a single wave by manipulating parameters unique to the chosen wave.

Install instructions and plugins for all supported platforms are included in the download.

Feature Summary:

  • Two independent distortion units
  • Independent gain, volume, tweak controls for each distortion unit
  • Serial and parallel signal paths
  • Master volume and dry blend
  • 6 wave shapes
  • Independent left and right channel processing

Source code is available at:

Supported Platforms

Below you can find the full list of platforms which are supported by White Elephant Audio plugins. All platforms are contained within a single download.


VST3 64-bit


VST3 64-bit

AudioUnit 64-bit


VST3 64-bit

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